Friday, July 24, 2009

What is dance camp, and how do I get there from here?

Some of you may be thinking . . .
"Gosh, this Beantown Lindy Hop camp thing sounds really awesome from reading Angela's post last week about "the hip hop". I'm up for some punishment, uh I mean fun, like that. But I missed it this year. How do I get in on it for next year?"

You can learn more about Beantown Lindy Hop camp at their official camp URL here:
You can also become a fan of "Beantown Lindy Hop Camp" on Facebook. If you become a fan, you'll get notifications (and I think a Facebook invite) next year when registration opens up for the next Beantown camp.

Dance camp is a fun way to immerse yourself in swing dancing and meet lots of friendly dancers from around the world. It will take your dancing to the next level, and you'll go home exhausted, but happy and in much better shape.

There are lots of other fabulous dance camps that you might consider attending, too.
Many are on Facebook as groups that you can join.
Here's a list of some of them, in chronological order:

Herrang -- -- June/July -- Herrang, Sweden
Camp Hollywood -- -- July 30th - August 2nd, 2009 -- Los Angeles, CA
Studio Hop Summer Camp -- -- August -- Toulouse, France
SONH -- -- Labor Day weekend, Sept 2-7, 2009 -- Hebron, NH
Lindy Focus -- -- December 27-31, 2009 -- Asheville, NC
Swing Camp OZ -- -- January 24-29, 2010 -- Adelaide, SA, Austrailia
Lindyfest -- -- March 11-14, 2010 -- Houston, TX
Camp Jitterbug -- -- May 28-31, 2010 -- Seattle, WA

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