Wednesday, August 12, 2009

September Changes at TLP

Class times are changing in September

Beginning in September, TLP is adjusting class times to make everything run smoother, and allow for a bigger practice session after classes. More info:

Wednesday night at Tapestry
Level I, Level II & Level IV are moving to 8:35 PM
Level III will remain at 7:30 PM

Monday night at Uptown Dance
Level I is moving to 7:00 PM
Level II is moving to 8:00 PM

Ninja Workshop: Sept. 19

Dance like a Ninja, and in only one day of training! With a number of instructors from all over town, 2 levels, and free entrance to the Engine Room Dance that night.

Beg / Int Track: $30
Int / Adv Track: $40

Dancer's Workshop
11150 Research Blvd # 107

Laura Glaess
Mike Roberts
Matt Jones
Laura Malloy
Stephen Jean
Karri Martin
Scott Angelius
Billy Marcus
Brandy Lee
Jerry Jordan


TLP's Performance Team is starting up in September

Starting in September, TLP will have a team performance class for Level IV and higher. This class is a full semester long, so to be a part of it you must take part in classes through December to learn all of the choreography. Partners not required, but in order to keep even numbers, we will accept only the first 12 leads and 12 follows to register.

$120 for adults, $90 for students! (Payment plan available)
Performances will be scheduled in December, so minor costume expenses will be required.

Read more:

September Level IV class: Zen and the Art of Slow Dancing

This month's Level IV class, taught by Thain and Laura, will feature the art of slow dancing. This class will cover lots of technique in body control, connection, and how to really fill space and time to make slow dancing look and feel awesome! This class is also the perfect compliment for blues dancing and will help you explore additional possibilities and concepts that can be used in the blues room.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Daily Texan @ Summer Camp!

This past Saturday, Aug. 8th, we had our 2nd, of 3, Summer Camp workshops for teens. Vanessa and I taught them 4 hours of Lindy Hop, and I must say, they learned crazy fast. As of the end of this latest workshop, they've now learned 2 months of material in just 2 days! I am totally jealous of them. If only I could've had this kind of opportunity when I started back 2000!

To our surprise, UT's Daily Texan heard about Summer Camp and came out to film a bit of the workshop. Special thanks to Sarah Pritchett for letting them interview her! Here's the video:

The final Summer Camp workshop will take place in just under two weeks, on Aug. 22nd. The first workshop covered Swing & Charleston, the second, Lindy Hop, and this final one will bring it all together. We may even throw some sweet choreography at them!

July Open House Recap

We had a really great Open House at the end of July. Again, I want to thank everyone that came! Both classes were awesome, and the social dancing afterward was great. It's always nice to have to kick people out at the end ;)

I saw some really great flips and jumping going on long after Thain and Laura's Aerials 101 class finished. Look forward to more of that in the Future. Thain is planning a whole month of Aerials around the beginning of 2010!

The Killer Charleston class was way fun too! We had to sweat it out a bit 'cause the A/C was down, but everyone was kickin' it hard (pun intend ;) It's fixed now, so no more fearing Studio 5...

In case you missed them, here are videos of the two performances we had at the open house. Alex and Maya have put in a lot of work on these with us. We're totally proud of them!

Alex Cavalli dancing with Laura Glaess

Maya DiTraglia dancing with Mike Roberts