Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Classes at TLP!

Here are our August classes: every Wednesday this month. It's going to be a great month!

Level I @ 7:30 - [B] Lindy Hop - Mike & Karri
Level II @ 8:45 - [C] 8ct and Tandem - Jonathan & Vanessa
Level III @ 7:30 - [C] Musicality and Connection - Scott & Angela
Level IV @ 8:45 - "Listening to your Partner" - Thain & Laura

Check out our website for more information. Also, remember to register online to get the discount for the month.

Special Announcements (aka September is great!)

1) September is the 2 year anniversary of TLP! YAY!

2) TLP is expanding in September! We are opening up a second night on Monday nights at Austin Uptown Dance. We will have a little more information on that later, but roughly we will have Level 1, 2, and an extra workshop for Level 3+ students. We will also be restructuring our pricing to allow for people to take lessons at both locations.

3) On September 6th, FotF TLP and other Austin teachers join together for the second NINJA workshop! Last year's was super fun and this year's will be bigger and better! Here is the info: http://www.thelindyproject.com/workshop_ninja.html

Scott Angelius

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