Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Special Soul Jam! August 31st (Labor Day weekend = no work Monday!)

Hey all,

We have a special Soul Jam! coming up in 2 weeks! That's right, August 31st, Labor Day weekend - so no work on Monday. So we can stay up later, have some extra drinks, and party all night long!

Everyone has been so busy, this is going to be an awesome time for all of us to get together and chill and listen to some awesome music and dance the night away together.

And with a few months off, us DJs have been collecting up and have some awesome stuff to show off for you. I actually got a chance to go to Lindy on the Rocks and do a set opening up before Peter Strom (rad!) so we won't be holding back on this one!

Sunday, August 31st
9pm - 2am(ish)
COPA, downtown Austin @ 217 Congress Ave
Cover: $5
Age: 18 and up

"We're having a party... dancing to the music... played by the DJ... on the radio. The cokes are in the icebox... the popcorn's on the table... me and my baby... we're out here on the floor. So Mr., Mr. DJ keep those records playing, 'cause I'm having such a good time dancing with my baby."
~~ Sam Cooke

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Scott Angelius
Soul Jam!

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