Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TLP classes and NINJA workshop!


Ninja workshop? Yeah, that's right. Ninjas are awesome. Just like ninjas try to fight like tigers and praying mantises we lindy hoppers try to dance like ninjas! At our Lindy Ninja Workshop you will learn how to dance like a ninja: with power, grace, kickin' moves, and sneaky stuff that makes you go "what just happened?"

Like the previous Lindy Ninja Workshop, we are bringing together the best teachers Austin has to offer from ALL its Lindy Schools: The Lindy Project, Four on the Floor, and GoDance.

It's this Saturday, September 6th. There are two workshops. A white belt track to kick start any beginners' dance career! And a red belt track to push you int/adv dancers to the next level.

White belt track: $25
Red belt track: $35
Engine Room dance: Free if taking the workshop.

Pre-register soon so you can save your spot!


--- TLP Expanded classes! ---

We are excited to now offer classes 2 nights a week!

Wednesday. SOUTH location: Tapestry. Levels 1-4.
Monday. NORTH location: Austin Uptown Dance. Levels 1-2.

The cost for a 1 month series of classes is just $40 ($25 for students). And we now have an unlimited classes option where you can take as many classes as you want, at both locations, for just $70!


See you this week!

Scott Angelius
The Lindy Project

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