Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TLP Outing: May 28th

Come join us at the Syndicate's weekly dance at the Fed at 8:30pm this Thursday, May 28th. The basic gist is for all of us to get together to dance, practice, and for us to be around to dance with you guys and answer any questions you might have. But beyond that, we want to get to know you guys outside of the classroom.

Here is some more info about the dance:
The Syndicate (Austin Swing Syndicate) is a non-profit group that throws weekly dances - in fact the Thursday night dance is one of the largest weekly events in the country. Especially impressive since Austin is much smaller than places like NY and LA. The Thursday night dance is at the Fed, on 24th and San Gabriel, and you can park across the street at the Freewheelin' parking lot. It just costs $5 to get into the dance, or if you become a member it's just $2.

Also, this is a great chance for your friends to come out and try swing dancing - there is a FREE beginner lesson from 8:15-9:15. You can drive together!

Next month's outing is going to be at the Engine Room, on June 20th!

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