Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Frankie95 Worldwide Choreography!

The ever amazing Peter Strom, Ramona Staffeld, Skye Humphries, and Frida Segerdahl created some wonderful choreography in honor of Frankie Manning. They've taken some of Frankie's best moves and set them to Lucky Millinder's "Savoy" off the Album "Apollo Jump".

The goal is to get Lindy Hoppers everywhere to learn the choreography and perform it at the Frankie95 Celebration in a few weeks. If you can't be there, they urge you to learn it and perform it with your friends and post it on YouTube with the tags: Frankie95, Worldwide, Choreography. That's exactly what we're gonna do here in Austin! Learn it and come perform it at the Fed with us on Thursday, May 14!

Here's a video of Peter and Ramona teaching the choreography:

Laura and Mike will be teaching the Choregraphy May 6th and 13th at 9:45pm after our Wednesday classes down at Tapestry. It'll be free, and anyone who's done Level 1B or can do a swing out and circle is welcome to come. If you can't make it Wednesday, keep an eye out for us at the Fed on Thursday, we'll probably be showing people then too!

In the interest of getting all of Austin in on this, We've talked with Four On The Floor and Smooth Lindy, and they should be teaching it as well. Check their websites for details.

In Summary:
Learn it: May 6th and 13th @ 9:45pm at Tapestry with TLP
Perform it: May 14th at the Syndicate Dance at the Fed

- The Lindy Project

Here's the Choreography written out:

1) Big apple stomps
2) Big apple butt slap rock step back cross step
3) Big apple tossing baskets
4) Jump claps/boogie backish
5) Tranky doo legs - step step 8,1 hold 2,3 step step 4,5 clap 6,7
6) Boogie forward to cool breeze 5678

Repeat Intro.

1) face each other and walk (halftime) around each other, right shoulder in left out. Make it half way around
2) continue walking, finish circle.
3) Pivot in, pivot out
4) walk forward (halftime) past partner, stay facing away
5) stay facing away and walk (halftime) around eachother to closed position
6) Swingout (45 to audience)
7) Swingout
8) Swingout Scissors 7&8
9) &1&2 finish scissors &3 stompoff, then &5&6&7&8
10) Circle to close
11) Skip up
12) swingout
13) circle
14) Tuck turn behind the back to open pos. side by side.
15) Swivels, left on 1 (same leg for both)
16) Shorty George (same leg still) on 8&1 of swivels, finish w/ step on 8
17) (back to mirror foot)Stompoff forward &1, stompoff back &3 Fall off the log 4-7 hold 8, inside leg kicks, turn away from partner back
18) Around the world
19) tango points
20) Around the world
21) tango points

Social Dance till the end!

Second time the big horns pickup:
1) Swingout
2) Swingout
3) Swingout
4) Swingout
5) Circle
6) Skip up
7) rock step kick step lock turn around to finish!

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Scott Angelius said...

Fun Choreo - we are performing it tonight! :D