Monday, August 10, 2009

Daily Texan @ Summer Camp!

This past Saturday, Aug. 8th, we had our 2nd, of 3, Summer Camp workshops for teens. Vanessa and I taught them 4 hours of Lindy Hop, and I must say, they learned crazy fast. As of the end of this latest workshop, they've now learned 2 months of material in just 2 days! I am totally jealous of them. If only I could've had this kind of opportunity when I started back 2000!

To our surprise, UT's Daily Texan heard about Summer Camp and came out to film a bit of the workshop. Special thanks to Sarah Pritchett for letting them interview her! Here's the video:

The final Summer Camp workshop will take place in just under two weeks, on Aug. 22nd. The first workshop covered Swing & Charleston, the second, Lindy Hop, and this final one will bring it all together. We may even throw some sweet choreography at them!