Monday, August 10, 2009

July Open House Recap

We had a really great Open House at the end of July. Again, I want to thank everyone that came! Both classes were awesome, and the social dancing afterward was great. It's always nice to have to kick people out at the end ;)

I saw some really great flips and jumping going on long after Thain and Laura's Aerials 101 class finished. Look forward to more of that in the Future. Thain is planning a whole month of Aerials around the beginning of 2010!

The Killer Charleston class was way fun too! We had to sweat it out a bit 'cause the A/C was down, but everyone was kickin' it hard (pun intend ;) It's fixed now, so no more fearing Studio 5...

In case you missed them, here are videos of the two performances we had at the open house. Alex and Maya have put in a lot of work on these with us. We're totally proud of them!

Alex Cavalli dancing with Laura Glaess

Maya DiTraglia dancing with Mike Roberts

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